Tandem actuator incorporates three belt drives

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Tandem actuator incorporates three belt drivesSchaeffler UK is extending its range of tandem actuators to include a unit with a maximum speed of 3m/s, which is suitable for heavy-duty applications such as machine tool handling, sheet metal handling, automation and assembly tasks.

The new triple toothed belt drives enable machine builders and designers to move higher loads and masses with even greater positional accuracy at speeds of up to 3m/s, while supporting high moment loads about all three axes.

Schaeffler's new MDKUSE35-3ZR tandem actuator incorporates a support rail, a triple toothed belt drive, two return units (for the toothed belt drive), and a carriage. The triple toothed belt drive system withstands high dynamic loads and offers additional security. The actuators are therefore suitable for both horizontal and vertical mounting applications.

High-stiffness support rail

The heavy-duty actuators use a composite support rail, which comprises an anodised profiled aluminium section with two parallel guideways for KUSE linear ball bearing and guideway assemblies. These linear ball bearing and guideway assemblies are preloaded and clearance-free, and they run completely free from 'stick-slip'. Moreover, because the support rail is extremely rigid, it can be used to span large gaps of up to 6m. The support rail has slots that are designed for T-bolts (DIN 787) and T-nuts (DIN 508), enabling machine builders and designers to easily incorporated the units within modular machine constructions.

Each return unit comprises an anodised profiled aluminium housing, two covers and a shaft unit. The shafts are supported on both sides by tapered roller bearings that are lubricated for life, and the belt recirculates about a toothed pulley, which is mounted on the shaft. Integral wiper brushes protect the return zone from contamination.

Carriage design

The carriage itself consists of an anodised aluminium saddle plate and four carriages for the two linear ball bearing and guideway assemblies. This is driven by three toothed belts, arranged in parallel, that are attached and tensioned using devices on both sides of the carriage. The carriage also has threaded holes for fixing to the adjacent construction.

As well as supplying the actuators, Schaeffler can also offer customers other accessories for the application, including couplings, coupling housings, planetary gearboxes, servomotors and servo controllers.

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