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At the 2007 Hannover trade fair, Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) will be demonstrating its Drive Control Chart (DCC) for complete graphic programming of technological functions for the Simotion Motion Control system and the Sinamics S120 drives series. DCC enables function blocks with multi-instance capability to be taken from a standard library, linked to each other and parameterised graphically. The technical closed-loop control structures are clearly displayed in the process, so users are provided with new ways of easily adapting Simotion and Sinamics to the specific functions of a machine.

DCC is not subject to any restrictions regarding the number of usable functions, and the open-loop and closed-loop control structure is displayed clearly. Existing diagrams can easily be displayed and reused, while testing and diagnostic functions make it possible to verify the program response or to identify causes in the event of a fault.

The function block library encompasses a large selection of control, mathematical and logic blocks as well as extensive open-loop and closed-loop control functions. For logical linking, evaluation and acquisition of binary signals, all the standard logic functions are available such as AND, XOR, on/off delays, RS memory or counter. For monitoring and evaluation of numerical variables, there are many mathematical functions available, such as absolute value generation, dividers, and minimum/maximum evaluation. In addition to the closed-loop control of drives, it is possible to configure coilers, PI controllers, ramp generators or wobble generators.

For the Sinamics S120 drive series, Drive Control Chart also provides an easy-to-use basis for solving drive-related tasks in the converter, thus taking the load off a higher-level control unit. In addition, the machine processes can be configured much more easily. Local processing in the drive leads to an improvement in the overall machine performance. Almost unlimited programming of technical control structures is possible when DCC is used in conjunction with the Simotion Motion Control system. They can then be combined with other program parts to form one overall program.

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27 February 2007

Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologiesvisit website
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