Jaeger FD-series linear actuators are versatile and robust

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The latest Jaeger FD-series linear actuators from SKF combine near-silent operation with robust construction, economy and versatility, making them particularly suitable for medical and healthcare applications, such as reclining and massage chairs, as well as industrial automation, safety doors and powered windows and skylights.

FD-series actuators are available in two versions. The FD A1 has a maximum push force of 6kN and a maximum pull force of 4kN, with an operating speed of 2.6-4.2mm/s, depending on load. For the FD A2 models, the corresponding figures are 3kN push, 2kN pull, with operating speeds from 6.2-8.2mm/s. Both types are offered in models with stroke lengths ranging from 50-300mm.

All FD-series actuators are supplied complete with integral limit switches, making them easy to integrate with control systems of all types. They are offered with a choice of Hall-effect or reed-switch position encoders that, according to the type selected, provide from 0.625 to 10 pulses per millimetre of actuator movement.

Part of a complete system that includes control boxes, convenient hand-held operating units and a wide range of accessories, the FD-series actuators operate from a 24V DC supply, ensuring complete electrical safety even in difficult operating environments. They are sealed to IP52 and, to help maximise their versatility, feature a rear clevis that can be turned through 90 degrees.

Suitable for use with Jaeger FD-series actuators from SKF are the CB200 control boxes that can, if required, be mounted directly on the actuator. These are available with integrated overload protection and an anti-pinching function, and they are compatible with robust HS-series one- and two-button handsets.

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