Sinamics G120D IP65 drive includes safety functions

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Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) is expanding its Sinamics G120 series of inverters with a distributed version that is sealed to IP65. The Sinamics G120D is characterised by its very flat construction, a uniform footprint and high degree of uniformity for power outputs from 0.75-7.5kW. The distributed frequency inverter also features integrated safety functions which are outstanding in this power class. The inverter is primarily suitable for conveyor system applications such as those encountered in the automotive industry.

The Sinamics G120D has an especially compact design and, due to its flat shape, is easy to mount even in very narrow places. The uniform footprint for all power outputs allows simple replacement and expansion. The large power output range of 0.75-7.5kW covers nearly all requirements in the area of conveying systems. Safety functions provide encoderless protection for people and machines, including STO (safety torque off), SS1 (safe stop 1) and SLS (safely limited speed). The functions are activated and deactivated by means of the Profisafe protocol.

Because of an innovative power-in feed concept, the Sinamics G120D needs only around 80 per cent of the power of comparable frequency inverters. Due to this reduction of the input current by one-fifth, less reactive power is also needed. This helps to reduce the costs of electricity and, at the same time, enables installations to be designed for lower power levels. A line commutating reactor, brake chopper and brake resistor are no longer necessary. The inverter also returns energy to the power supply system during braking with considerable less line harmonic distortion than in the case of standard frequency inverters. There are no additional heat losses.

Easy to commission, diagnose and maintain

The new Sinamics G120D inverter is very user-friendly. Commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance are simplified considerably by plug-in connectors and large illuminated displays. Due to the modular design, modules can be replaced easily whenever necessary. This ensures a high level of availability because the power section can be replaced without disconnecting the wiring or fieldbus connection.

Due to the metal housing IP65 sealing, the frequency inverter is suitable for use in harsh environments. On the inside, coated electronic modules and convection cooling ensure reliable operation and a long service life, irrespective of the operating conditions. The well protected Micro Memory Card for simple data storage enables rapid cloning and replacement.

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20 March 2007

Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologiesvisit website
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