Point-of-load DC/DC converters have wide input voltage range

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Suitable for point-of-load use, Lambda's new CE-1050 range of surface-mount DC/DC converters feature an exceptionally wide input voltage range of +9.0 to +26.4V. By directly accepting nominal 24V inputs, rather than the maximum of 12V normally associated with devices of this type, the new converters simplify power supply system design and reduce costs in a wide range of applications.

The output voltage of the tiny low-profile CE-1050 converters, which measure just 18 x 22 x 5.5mm, can be set over the range +3.3 to +12.6V using a single external resistor. For applications requiring 5V supplies, no resistor is needed.

Maximum continuous output current for the CE-1050 converters is 2.5A at operating temperatures from -20 to +40degC (at temperatures above 40degC and below the maximum permitted operating temperature of +85degC, some derating may be required, depending on the combination of input and output voltages in use). Overcurrent protection is provided as standard.

Lambda's CE-1050 DC/DC converters have a high typical operating efficiency of 90 per cent and, to maximise their versatility, they are equipped with an on/off control function. The devices also feature integral five-sided shielding to enhance their EMC performance, and have low output ripple that makes filtering easy.

Converters in the CE-1050 range comply fully with the requirements of the European RoHS Directive. They are supplied in tape-on-reel format in moisture-proof packaging, allowing easy storage and ensuring ready compatibility with all types of SMD assembly equipment.

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