Software helps to ensure correct assembly of bearings

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Software helps to ensure correct assembly of bearingsSchaeffler UK is launching a software utility that not only speeds up the hydraulic and mechanical mounting of rolling bearings, but also ensures longer operating life due to correctly fitted bearings.

The software helps engineers select the correct mounting method when mounting rolling bearings with tapered bores – either directly onto a tapered shaft or with an adapter sleeve onto a cylindrical shaft.

FAG Mounting Manager – which is available as a CD-ROM or as online version via Schaeffler's maintenance and condition monitoring services division FAG Industrial Services (FIS) – demonstrates the various mechanical and hydraulic mounting and dismounting methods for rolling bearings. It also calculates the data needed for the mounting or dismounting procedure, provides useful tips, and then generates a list of the required mounting accessories and tools.

The software guides the user by means of a series of on-screen prompts and questions. After selecting the bearing type, bearing seat and measuring method, the user specifies the mounting conditions for the application, including bearing bore diameter, width, taper and shaft outside diameter. Next the software calculates the data required for mounting, including initial pressure, displacement and the reduction in radial internal clearance. The user is then presented with a list of mounting instructions, mounting tools and useful tips.

Fast, accurate and easy

For the user, this all translates into a fast, accurate, easy-to-use, intuitive software tool that simplifies and reduces the time taken to mount rolling bearings. Safety is also improved, since the software ensures that the fitter mounts the sealed bearing correctly, which, in turn, leads to a longer operating life for the bearing and a reduced risk of premature bearing failures that might result in potentially hazardous situations.

Ian Pledger, field service engineer at Schaeffler UK comments: "The software is very user-friendly, guiding even a relatively unskilled fitter through the mounting process in detail. The software is comprehensive in providing the various alternative methods for mounting rolling bearings with tapered bores."

Rolling bearings with tapered bores are usually mounted either directly on the tapered shaft or by using an adapter sleeve or withdrawal sleeve on the cylindrical shaft. The internal clearance is then set either by conventional methods using feeler gauges, or by means of an axial displacement measuring device.

For the axial displacement method, the bearing is placed in its starting position on the tapered bearing seat with a hydraulic nut. The required starting pressure - which is defined for each individual bearing - is set in the hydraulic using a digital manometer. The dial gauge mounted on the hydraulic nut is used to measure the axial displacement until the final position is reached on the tapered seat.

When the bearing is pushed onto the tapered seat, the inner ring expands and the radial internal clearance is therefore reduced. This reduction, measured using a feeler gauge, can be used as a measure of the tightness of the bearing fit.

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