MZ2Q magnetic cylinder sensor has two switching points

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Sick is launching the new MZ2Q magnetic sensor that fits all common cylinder housing slots, with two freely adjustable switching points in a single device. This two-in-one concept offers users many benefits including greater functional reliability with rapid piston movements, two-fold final position detection in miniature cylinders, and the detection of differing gripper positions.

Lower installation costs and reduced wiring are further benefits of incorporating two freely adjustable switching points in one sensor and, as the switching points are easily taught-in, the sensor is ready for action in a very short time. Its compact housing permits completely flush installation and its short length makes it eminently suitable for miniature applications using very short cylinders.

One important target application is for object detection on grippers, clamps or presses in which a pneumatic cylinder with an extension of up to 50mm acts as an actuator. In such cases the sensor allows both end positions to be reliably monitored. The MZ2Q is also suitable for applications in which the second switching point is used to improve functional reliability. For example, an advance signal can be used for targeted speed reduction before the piston reaches its final position. In this case the first switching point triggers deceleration and the second switching point confirms that the end position has been reached.

Its functionality and size make the MZ2Q suitable for a variety of markets and applications, including - but not exclusive to - the pneumatics industry, material handling systems, the electronics industry, the packaging industry and other specialist machine construction applications.

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