Modules interface between Hiperface and SSI or Profibus

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Sick (UK) is launching new interface modules that interface between Hiperface and SSI or Profibus. This will enable customers to take advantage of Hiperface motor feedback encoders for use in conventional industrial applications.

These interface modules are said to open a whole raft of new market opportunities for manufacturers, OEMs and end users. Applications can now be quickly prototyped and developed using a Profibus or SSI adaptor that will communicate with the full range of Hiperface motor feedback encoders. DeviceNet, CANopen and Ethernet versions will follow, thereby expanding the possibilities still further.

The adaptors handle single- and multi-turn absolute encoding products, and all multi-turn variants using a gearing system to form positional values with no battery-buffered memory. The adaptors also process signals from linear encoders capable of measuring lengths up to 40m.

Designers of PLC-based control systems therefore now have access to a wide encoder product range, from small units with a body diameter of 36mm to units with a 53mm diameter hollow shaft. Other variants include those with IP65 sealed housings and units for building into customers' own housings. There is also a choice of products for low-end applications - for example, 512 steps/turn (9 bit) - as well as products for high-end applications - for example, 262,144 steps/turn (18 bit).

Some installations can also be split into two components using these interface units; an encoder located in a harsh environment and the evaluation electronics in a cabinet up to 100m away. Hiperface encoders have high resistance to shock and vibration and a high operating temperature range – which are key requirements for devices designed to fit to the back of a servo motors. Many industrial applications require this too, such as power presses, metal processing machinery, and foundry and steel/aluminium manufacturing equipment, for example.

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