Shrouded emergency stop pushbutton can be locked

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Shrouded emergency stop pushbutton can be lockedPilz Automation Technology is launching a new model of PITestop emergency stop pushbutton with a rugged shroud. Not only does this prevent accidental actuation of the emergency stop switch, but it also enables padlocks to be fitted to prevent the machine or process being restarted.

Unintentional actuations of emergency stop pushbuttons can cause numerous stoppages in some plants, leading to lost production, poor quality, and undue wear and tear on mechanical and electrical systems. Nevertheless, emergency stop pushbuttons must remain accessible so that they can be used unhindered in those situations where they need to be actuated quickly to prevent injury to personnel or damage to equipment or work in progress.

Pilz has developed two models of shrouded emergency stop pushbutton, one for surface-mounting and the other being preinstalled on a junction box. Both feature a shroud that extends to the full height of the pushbutton and wraps around, with two cut-outs to ensure the pushbutton can be easily actuated when required. The new products use the proven actuator design and contact block arrangement from the existing Pilz PITestop pushbuttons to deliver the same exceptional standards of product performance and integrity.

The pushbutton is the twist-to-release type but, before releasing, the pushbutton can be secured in the 'off' position use one or two long-shank padlocks. This feature can be used by commissioning or maintenance engineers to prevent the machine being restarted if, for example, they are working inside the guards, or if the machine has sustained damage and needs to be repaired before it is restarted.

Other models

Robust and cost-effective, the new emergency stop pushbuttons are a versatile addition to the existing range offered by Pilz. Other models available include standard pushbuttons, illuminated models, key-release versions and IP69K sealed units for use in hygienic environments.

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