Vibratory bowl feeder segregates radiator valves

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Elscint Automation has developed a special type of vibratory bowl feeder for segregating assembled and part-assembled radiator valves without the need of a costly vision system.

A typical radiator valve assembly has five parts. If any one of the parts is not present in the radiator valve assembly, the unit must be rejected.

Indeed, there are numerous permutations and combinations that need to be segregated. This has been made possible by development of a special type of vibratory parts feeder. An Elscint vibratory bowl feeder model 400 is used for this purpose, with a feed rate of 150 pieces per minute.

Elscint is offering this system at a very competitive price with a very short lead time. This unit finds applications in the automobile industry.

Furthermore, building ion this development, Elscint can undertake segregation of a variety of components through vibratory bowl feeders. An Elscint hopper feeder with an Elscint linear feeder (inline rail feeder) is available as an accessory for increasing the loading capacity.

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