Fibre-optic media converters suit wider range of applications

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Phoenix Contact has announced two changes to its PSI-MOS fibre-optic media converters, making the line suitable for a wider variety of industries. The company has introduced two new PSI-MOS Profibus fibre-optic converters with conformal-coated printed circuit boards (PCBs). The converters were designed primarily for use in the shipbuilding and marine industries, which commonly use the Profibus protocol, and where saltwater environments can lead to the corrosion of PCBs. Conformal coating gives added protection from salt water, as well as moisture, dust and other corrosives commonly found in industrial environments.

In addition, all of the company's copper-to-fibre media converters are now approved for use in UL Class 1, Division 2, hazardous locations. Class 1, Division 2 areas are locations where volatile flammable materials are normally found and contained, but the area can become hazardous through abnormal conditions. These locations are commonly found in the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and water/wastewater industries.

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