Step-controlled MIG/MAG welding sets are easy to use

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Step-controlled MIG/MAG welding sets are easy to useESAB is introducing new MIG/MAG welding packages that offer a combination of ease of use, rugged construction and reliability. Customers can select from the Origo Mig L305 or L405 step-controlled power sources, and the Origo Feed L302 or L304 wire feed units.

In addition, each package includes a PSF welding torch, a 1.7, 5.0 or 10.0m connection set, and three wire feeder mounting options are offered: wheel kit, suspension bracket, or mast and counterbalance. Typical applications for these welding packages will be in general steel fabrication, the vehicle industry, and the household and furniture industry.

Both the Origo Mig L305 and L405 power sources benefit from a rugged casing, and protection to IP23 means that the machines can be used indoors or out. The Origo Mig L305 offers ten voltage steps and a 60 per cent duty cycle of 190A/24V; the Origo Mig L405 has 40 voltage steps and a 60 per cent duty cycle of 365A/32V.

Voltage settings and inductance adjustments are made on the power source, whereas the other controls are laid out on the front panel of the wire feeders, giving the user easy access to the settings for wire feed speed, 2/4 stroke and burnback time. Furthermore, the Origo Feed L304 has controls for creep start, spot welding, inching and gas purge.

To maintain an accurate and stable arc - and thereby ensure that high-quality welds are produced - the wire feeders use electronic speed control and 30mm diameter rollers. While the L302 model uses an economical two-wheel feed mechanism, the L304 benefits from a four-wheel feed with grooved drive and idle pressure rollers to give a positive drive with low wire wear. The Origo Feed L302 handles wires up to 1.2mm diameter and the Origo Feed L304 accepts wires up to 1.6mm diameter. Both units are suitable for use with steel, stainless steel, aluminium and cored wires.

Numerous options and accessories are available for these MIG/MAG welding packages. These include a digital V/A meter, a transformer for CO2 heating, a lifting eye and an adapter for 5kg spools of wire. A water-cooled package is also available.

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