High-performance Mig welders for industrial applications

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High-performance Mig welders for industrial applicationsESAB is launching the Aristo Mig C3000i integrated welding power source and wire feeder, the Aristo Mig L3000i power source, and the Aristo Feed L3004 wire feed unit for use with the Aristo Mig L3000i. These have all been developed specifically for professional users working with advanced welding applications requiring welding currents of 16-300A and wire diameters up to 1.2mm.

The versatile machines can weld mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, high-alloy or nickel-based materials. As well as being suitable for high-performance Mig welding, the C3000i and L3000i can also be used for pulse Mig, Mag and MMA welding. Typical applications will be found in the aerospace, nuclear and process industries, as well as prefabrication in the offshore and shipbuilding sectors, and the production of aluminium vehicles and white goods.

If the separate power source and wire feed are selected, extender connection cables enable a working radius of up to 35m to be utilised. So as to guarantee the correct arc voltage is applied regardless of any voltage drop in the cables, ESAB's TrueArcVoltage System is incorporated for use in conjunction with an ESAB PSF water-cooled gun. If the PSF gun is used, the ELP (ESAB Logic Pump) automatically starts and stops the water pump when required.

Inverter IBGT technology is used in the power sources to deliver a combination of outstanding welding characteristics and high reliability. Moreover, a CANbus system for control and communications further enhances reliability by reducing the number of cables required.

Customers can choose either the MA6 power source control panel - which includes a data bank of synergic lines, a memory for ten sets of welding parameters and a facility for pulsed Mig welding - or the Aristo U8 that has over 100 pre-programmed synergic lines, a memory for storing up to 255 sets of welding parameters, and soft keys for direct access to functions such as hot start, crater fill and 2/4 stroke.

Accessories available for the new machines include wheel kits, trolleys, strain relief for the welding gun and connection cables, a water cooling unit, remote control units, spool cover, and adapters for larger wire spools or ESAB's Marathon Pac bulk wire containers.

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