Origo welding machines suit demanding Tig applications

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Origo welding machines suit demanding Tig applicationsESAB is launching two new Tig welding machines for applications where high-quality Tig welds are required when operating in AC and DC mode. The Origo Tig 3000i AC/DC and Origo Tig 4300iw AC/DC welding power sources can be used on virtually any weldable metal. Typical applications for these versatile machines include production, repair and maintenance in industries ranging from automotive and mobile machinery, to shipbuilding, tube and pipe fabrication, and civil engineering.

For AC Tig welding, the TA24 control panel offers facilities for setting the AC balance and the AC frequency so as to optimise the weld pool - or if True AC rating is selected, the true current is automatically maintained at the set current level. In addition, the QWave function optimises the AC wave form to give a smooth arc and very low noise, and electrode preheating enables the level of preheating to be adjusted to suit the selected tungsten electrode, thereby helping to minimise electrode wear. Another useful feature is the two-program function that enables the operator to pre-set two welding programs and switch between them during the welding operation.

The TA24 control panel provides all of the necessary controls for AC Tig, DC pulsed Tig and MMA welding in an intuitive layout. As well as the Tig settings already mentioned, the panel enables the user to select AC or DC MMA welding, hot start, arc force and polarity switch (in DC mode).

An optional water cooling unit and water-cooled torch can be specified, enabling users to take advantage of the ELP (ESAB Logic Pump) that automatically starts the cooling unit when the torch is being used. Furthermore, the Energy Save mode ensures that the pump and fan only operate on demand.

Operating from a 400V three-phase supply, the Origo Tig 3000i AC/DC and Origo Tig 4300iw AC/DC welding power sources have a setting range of 4-300A and 4-430A for Tig AC/DC welding, respectively, or 16-300A and 16-430A for MMA welding.

ESAB offers a broad range of accessories for use with these welding machines, including trolleys, remote control units, remote interconnection cables up to 25m long, and various Tig torches.

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