Tig torches have welding current controls in the handle

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Tig torches have welding current controls in the handleESAB is launching the TXH range of Tig torches with remote functions for welders who want the best quality torch with features that truly meet the needs of their applications. Easy and comfortable to use, these ergonomically designed torches enable the operator to adjust the welding current using convenient '+' and '-' buttons located on the torch handle.

The compact TXH Tig torches are particularly suitable for applications where access is difficult, with four of the models even featuring a flexible head. To use the +/- welding current controls, an adapter is required to connect the torch to any of the ESAB welding power sources that are equipped with a CANbus-compatible control system. Having purchased an adapter, customers can connect any of the TXH remote torches to any CANbus-compatible power supply.

Both self-cooled and water-cooled torches are available, with either 4m or 8m cables. Their rugged construction ensures that the torches give trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance.

TXH torches are available with 60 per cent duty cycle welding currents ranging from 120-400A. While the smallest model accepts tungsten electrodes from 1.0-3.2mm diameter, the largest takes electrodes from 1.0-4.8mm diameter.

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