Reactive welding helmets offer all-round protection

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Reactive welding helmets offer all-round protectionESAB's innovative new Eye-Tech II reactive welding helmets give customers the option to add full head protection and/or a respiratory protection system. This versatile family of welding helmets builds on the first-generation Eye-Tech helmets' reputation for high performance and comfort.

New features of the Eye-Tech II include a curved front cover lens that helps to prevent spatter from sticking, and a contoured design that protects the lens from damage if the helmet is placed face-down on the floor or workbench. The external form also helps to prevent welding fumes from building up around the helmet, and the helmet is designed to protect the neck and ears as well as the face.

Eye-Tech II helmets benefit from a solar-powered cartridge that ensures the batteries are always charged. Furthermore, there is no need to remember to switch on or off, as the electronics automatically switch off if the helmet is left in a dark place for more than 10 minutes. When brought back into the light, the helmet reactivates itself.

Four models of Eye-Tech II helmet are available to suit different welding and cutting applications, and the free literature shows which models are suitable for use with which welding and cutting currents. In addition, the internal head harness can be removed and replaced with a specially designed protective helmet for use in situations where this additional protection is required.

For applications where full-face respiratory equipment is necessary, ESAB offers a choice of two air feed units that deliver up to 190 litres of air per minute. Both of these can be used with all four models of Eye-Tech II helmet.

As welding operatives typically spend around half of their time grinding, ESAB has also designed the Eye-Tech II helmets so that they can also be used in conjunction with an air-fed, grade B grinding visor, complete with head and face seals.

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