Orbital welding sets increase productivity and save cost

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Orbital welding sets increase productivity and save costESAB is launching three new products to increase productivity and reduce costs in orbital welding. First, the Aristo MechTig C2002i is a compact, robust, user-friendly power source that features an integral water cooler and high-specification controller with graphical interface, program library and auto-generation of welding programs. Second, the Aristo MechControl 2 control unit has the same control features as the Aristo MechTig C2002i but without the power source and cooler. Third, the Aristo MechControl 4 is similar to the Aristo MechControl 2, with additional arc voltage control (AVC) and weaving control.

When used with suitable welding heads, all three are highly efficient at producing top-quality tube welds in the food, beverage, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical/biochemistry, semiconductor, aerospace, shipbuilding and general engineering industries.

Mechanised Tig welding is an efficient way to increase productivity, improve quality and reduce costs when welding tubes. ESAB's new modular Aristo MechTig C2002i power source is highly adaptable, enabling systems to be configured to match customers' requirements precisely. The machines delivers 200A at a 35 per cent duty cycle, or 110A at a 100 per cent duty cycle. Both the rotation motor and the wire feed motor are controlled by the control unit, which ensures that the welding parameters remain close to the ideal.

Graphical user interface

Getting the most out of the power source is simple by virtue of the 10inch colour display; a Windows-like user interface enables operatives to call up a program from the built-in library or generate a program automatically by entering data such as the material, outer diameter and tube thickness. Programs generated this way can be added to the library. Alternatively, all welding parameters can be set manually via a graphical or spreadsheet interface.

Another feature of the Aristo MechTig C2002i is the integral printer that can output a hard copy of the programmed welding parameters and the measured values for speed, current, voltage, wire and power. Time and date stamps, plus the power source ID, run number and total weld time, aid compliance with traceability requirements.

A USB (universal serial bus) connection enables users to transfer welding programs between machines, store backups and update the welding programs.

If customers need a higher welding current, ESAB offers the Aristo Tig 4000i power source with the Aristo MechControl 2 control unit - which has the same user interface as the Aristo MechTig C2002i power source.

For applications requiring arc voltage control and/or weaving, the Aristo MechControl 4 control unit provides the necessary additional functionality when used in conjunction with a suitable power source.

ESAB offers numerous welding heads that are compatible with the three new machines, enabling complete orbital welding systems to be assembled to match the requirements of particular applications.

In addition, further options include the Weldoc WMS 4000 Welding Monitoring Documentation System for compliance with the ISO 9000/SS-EN 729 international welding quality standard. Alternatively, the SPS 4000 package records just the parameter settings. If required, ESAB also offers the MechT 1 CAN remote control unit that provides both remote control and display functions.

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