Front end power supply suits point-of-load DC-DC converters

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Lambda is introducing a new version of its popular FPS1000 front end power supply with a nominal output voltage of 12V that is suitable for driving non-isolated point-of-load DC-DC converters directly in systems utilising a distributed power architecture - without the need for intermediate bus conversion.

The new model, which complements the existing 24V, 32V and 48V models, is said to have found favour already with manufacturers of non-telecoms equipment that do not require a 48V bus, yet who wish to move to a distributed power system.

Lambda's FPS1000-12 has integrated Oring MOSFETS and is capable of being 'hotswapped', making it suitable for applications requiring N+1 redundancy. With a full array of opto-isolated signals (DC OK, AC Fail, over-temperature warning), all FPS models offer easy system monitoring.

Front panel indicators are fitted for AC OK, DC OK and DC fail. Remote on-off switching is supported, as is remote voltage sensing to compensate for voltage drop in the cables that connect the supply to the load.

Other standard features include output voltage trimming (10.5-13.2V for the FPS1000-12) and auxiliary 12V output (diode Ored). Options are available for I2C interface and front panel mains inputs if required.

Up to three FPS units can be fitted into the standard 1U 19inch rack type FPS-S1U that commons the outputs together, and up to eight supplies can be combined in a load-sharing arrangement between racks.

An FPS-T1U rack that feeds the outputs from each module to separate terminals is available for customers that wish to configure systems with more than one voltage or to series outputs. The racks can be zero stacked with no airspace required above or below because cooling airflow is from front to rear.

All models have wide-range inputs suitable for operation from 85-265V AC at 47-63Hz, and 120-360V DC. FPS1000 is compliant with UL/EN 60950-1 for safety, and conforms to EN 55022 level B and FCC level B for EMC performance.

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