Easy way to link multiple PNOZmulti safety controllers

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Easy way to link multiple PNOZmulti safety controllersPilz Automation Technology is introducing a new PNOZ ml1p module that enables PNOZmulti safety controllers to be connected together in machine safety-related control systems where more than one base unit is utilised. A single cable is used between the controllers, and there is no limit to the number of controllers that can be linked together. Configuration is performed graphically with the PNOZmulti Configurator package, and users can choose either master/slave or multi-master architectures.

Using the new modules, PNOZmulti controllers can transfer safety-related data in both directions (64-bit data rate) over distances of up to 100m and with a maximum reaction time of 30ms.

A total of six PNOZ ml1p modules can be plugged onto the left-hand side of the PNOZmulti base unit, leaving the right-hand side free for other I/O and/or communications modules. Three LEDs are provided on the front of the safe link module to indicate 'ready', 'fault' and 'transmit' status, plus the modules are compatible with the PVIS 'intelligent diagnostics' concept that presents operatives with user-friendly messages relating to diagnostics and remedial actions.

Typical applications for linked PNOZmulti safety controllers include medium-complexity machines with more than one PNOZmulti controller, machinery with decentralised architecture, and separate machines that need to be linked to safeguard personnel, the machines or the materials being processed. Multiple PNOZmulti controllers can also be used for larger applications were the maximum I/O capability of a single controller would otherwise be exceeded and where a full programmable safety system (PSS) would be uneconomic or overly complex.

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