Thermal imager is designed for industrial applications

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Thermal imager is designed for industrial applicationsSKF is introducing its latest high-resolution thermal imager, which is specifically designed for the condition monitoring of industrial applications, enabling engineers to identify potential problems associated with overheating in mechanical and electrical machinery. The handheld TMTI 2 measures infrared radiation to identify hot and cold spots, thereby helping to prevent system failures before they occur, and also reducing maintenance costs and extending the service life of machinery.

The user-friendly TMTI 2 thermal imager produces high-resolution images at 160x120 pixels, which are displayed on the large LED backlit 3.5inch LCD screen, eliminating the need for a separate PDA. For ease of viewing, a choice of four colour pallets is available, including ironbow, rainbow, high-contrast rainbow and greyscale. Featuring advanced temperature measurement specifications within the range of -10 to 250degC for automatic targeting of hot and cold zones, the TMTI 2 uses a built-in laser pointer to isolate areas of interest within a field of view as wide as 20x15degrees.

An integrated microbolometer graphically represents changes in electrical resistance, while the selectable emissivity corrector, with reflective ambient temperature correction, helps ensure that the TMTI 2 is suitable for almost any application. The imager also incorporates a non-contact measuring technique, enabling safe monitoring even when equipment is still running.

Suitable for use in hostile industrial environments, the TMTI 2 features an impact-resistant plastic housing and is supplied within a heavy-duty case including software, rechargeable battery and charger, and an SD memory card.

The imager features sufficient storage for up to 1000 images, holding radiometric formatted files on the SD card provided. PC and report-writing software are supplied as standard, enabling comprehensive data analysis and quick image enhancement.

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