Configurable power supplies approved for medical devices

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Lambda UK is extending its popular NV-Power family of configurable AC-DC power supplies to include a new range of models designed specifically with medical applications in mind. With a 4kV AC reinforced input to output isolation, the units meet the rigorous IEC 60601 international safety standard for medical equipment, making them suitable for use in medical devices including patient connected applications.

Four highly efficient 180W (200W peak power) units are available on rapid delivery, although additional variants can be built to order. Operating inputs range from 90-264V at 45-63Hz, with up to three outputs offered, covering the 3.3-24V range. The NVPower NV-175M range includes multi-output versions with an optional temperature-controlled fan to ensure optimum cooling while achieving the lowest possible audible noise performance.

Despite the more substantial insulation requirements demanded by IEC 60601, these extremely compact units are capable of fitting 1U enclosures. Worst-case leakage current is impressive at less than 300uA at 264V AC and 63Hz, making it suitable for worldwide markets.

Lambda's NV-Power supply family employs patented Multi-Resonant Topology (MRT) to reduce switching losses and heat generation. The medically approved versions achieve a high power density of 9.3W/in3, while the MRT circuitry's soft switching characteristics help to ensure that Class B EMC compliance is met.

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