Genesys 3U power supplies achieve 15kW output

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Lambda is introducing the Genesys range of programmable 3U power supplies that benefit from high output capacity, extensive options for local and remote control, compact construction and very competitive pricing. These supplies are therefore excellent for applications such as electroplating, semiconductor manufacture and for use with industrial lasers, where dependable and controllable high-power DC sources are needed.

Despite their small size, the new Genesys 3U supplies are available with output capacities up to 15kW - a rating that would, until now, have required the use of 5U power supplies, according to Lambda. Further space savings are made possible by the true zero stacking capability of the new supplies, which means that multiple units can be installed in standard racks without the need to leave gaps between them.

Where applications require more than 15kW of output power, up to four Genesys supplies can be operated in parallel in a master/slave configuration. For convenience of monitoring and control, this arrangement behaves exactly as if it were a single power supply - reporting, for example, the total load rather than the individual load of each power supply.

To ensure straightforward and economical interfacing with external equipment, the new power supplies feature an integral RS232/RS485 interface as standard. To further enhance connectivity, USB, LXI-compliant LAN, and IEEE488.2 SCPI multi-drop interfaces can be fitted as options. The power supplies also provide analogue control interfaces, as well as offering independent remote enable/disable and on/off control.

Programmable protection

Designed for worldwide use, power supplies in the Genesys 3U range have a choice of 208V, 400V and 480V three-phase inputs. They can be supplied with output voltages from 7.5V to 600V and, depending on the voltage, with output currents up to 1000A. All types feature programmable over-current and over-voltage protection and all have integral over-temperature and phase-loss protection features.

Genesys 3U power supplies incorporate passive correction on all inputs, and have a power factor of 0.88. They offer excellent EMC performance in line with the EN 61000-4 series of standards and their international equivalents, they are UL recognised, and versions with 208V and 400V inputs carry the CE mark as evidence of conformance with the appropriate European LVD and EMC regulations.

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