Quickly connecting Simatic controllers

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Quickly connecting Simatic controllersPhoenix Contact now offers controller-specific front adapters in its range of INTERFACE system cables for the fault-free connection of components to the Simatic S7-1500 controller. The plug-and-play concept reduces wiring to just a few steps.

The adapters are easily swivelled into the digital or analogue I/O cards and connected to the Varioface interface modules using pre-assembled system cables. These are available as ‘passive’ components with different connection methods, including knife disconnection. The ‘active’ components with relays and opto-couplers switch loads of up to 250V AC/10A and can handle inrush currents of up to 130A. This makes them especially suitable for lamps and capacitive loads.

Using the intelligent Varioface products, the I/O signals of the S7-1500 controller can be easily amplified or adapted while saving space at the same time. Thanks to the tested components, the controller and transfer module are connected quickly, securely, and free of error.

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