AUVESY announces the upcoming release of versiondog 5.0

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AUVESY GmbH & Co KG will soon release versiondog 5.0, the newest version of the company’s software for data management and backup. The new major release provides versiondog users from the automation industry with new and enhanced features such as the new ‘tagging’ feature, additional device support for COGNEX DataMan, and security enhancements; the latter of which allows you to restrict user groups access rights according to job configuration, script management or the component type editor.

With versiondog 5.0, it is now possible to assign a collective name to versions of different components for a group of projects that will be delivered together in a single release. This new ‘tagging’ function allows you to group together, categorise and add notes to different versions of multiple components in the versiondog UserClient. Tags can be added to versions or components at any time.

Taking into account the ever-increasing importance of data security, versiondog 5.0 now lets you assign user groups access to individual administrative functions. User groups can now be given access to AdminClient modules such as job configuration, script management or the component type editor. For the first time, it is possible to configure settings so that versiondog administrators and IT administrators can be treated separately. Dr Tim Weckerle, Managing Director at AUVESY explains: “This new adminstrator rights level is yet another milestone in our ongoing commitment to meeting our customers’ increasing security requirements.”

Another new feature of versiondog 5.0 is device support for COGNEX DataMan series for fixed-mount barcode scanners. In addition to this, versiondog 5.0 also allows you to enter hyperlinks in version change reasons and comments, thus allowing you to share information more efficiently.

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