SMB Bearings introduces range of plastic bearings

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SMB Bearings introduces range of plastic bearingsSMB Bearings' new plastic bearings offer a non-magnetic, chemical-resistant option for a variety of industries and manufacturers. The bearings provide a cost-effective option for a range of niche markets where traditional bearings would not be appropriate.

Plastic bearings are available in a variety of materials, the most common being chrome steel and stainless steel. However, these materials are not always appropriate for applications across industries such as the food and beverage or pharmaceutical sectors. For instance, bearings used in the food and beverage industry need to be able to handle regular wash-downs and steam cleaning, as well as potentially corrosive fluids and materials, yet they must also meet the industry's hygiene standards.

Chris Johnson, managing director of SMB Bearings, says: "Our range of plastic bearings are ideal for these types of applications. Plastic bearings are non-corrosive and are usually unlubricated which makes them ideal for commercial food equipment. Acetal resin is the standard material but alternatives are available for greater corrosion resistance in aggressive environments such as the chemical industry. The standard range of plastic bearings are available with glass or 316 stainless steel balls, the latter being more popular in food applications as the balls are easily detected in the event of bearing failure.

"While plastic bearings are suitable for a wide array of applications, they do have limitations. As the material is much softer than steel, plastic bearings should only be used in low-load applications. However, many manufacturers do not realise that the bearings can be paired together to increase their overall load capacity."

The range of plastic bearings offered by SMB Bearings is suitable for lower-precision applications, such as conveyor rollers and trolleys. They can also be supplied with flanges for easier location in a housing. The SMB Bearings plastic bearings range is available in a range of popular metric and imperial sizes, starting at 3mm.

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