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Astute Electronics Ltd is offering Innodisk’s latest 2.5” SATA III-standard SSD with secure, hardware-based encryption. Designed for Hi-Rel applications, the 3SE2-P flash-based disk features built-in AES that renders the 3SE2-P virtually future-proof. It supports SATA III standard (6.0GHz) with high performance, and goes beyond industry-standard data speeds to achieve excellent performance, especially in random data transfer rate. With Innodisk’s renowned reliability, the 3SE2-P is well suited for field applications within defence and aerospace, industrial computing and top-end electronics and communication fields.

Mick Martin, Semiconductor Division Manager, Astute Electronics Ltd, says: “In an industry where cyber-security has become mission-critical, Innodisk is pioneering built-in encryption solutions and attempting to solve tomorrow’s problems today. Hardware-based encryption will likely become an everyday requirement, so Innodisk is already ahead of the game.”

The Innodisk 3SE2-P is designed with a built-in AES engine in the controller. When the controller receives the data package from the host, the AES engine encrypts the data package and saves the encrypted data in the NAND flash. Through ATA security command, unauthorised personnel have no access to decrypt the data. Innodisk 2.5” SATA SSD 3SE2-P supports several standard features, including TRIM, NCQ, and S.M.A.R.T and is compliant with TCG OPAL 2.0 and IEEE 1667.

Available in capacities from 8-512GB to fit the industry-standard 2.5-inch slot, the 3SE2-P supports the SATA III interface and is also compliant with SATA I and SATA II. It conforms to CE and FCC requirements and is fully compliant with the RoHS directive.

Samples of the Innodisk 3SE2-P can be obtained direct from Astute Electronics subject to availability. Go to for further information.

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