Ruggedised I/O system handles extreme environments

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A variant of the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750, the XTR range, provides I/O for industries and applications that are required to withstand harsh conditions. With protection against environmental and electronic interference, the system is suitable for hazardous areas such as underground, offshore, hot or cold environments, or environments that are subject to heavy shocks and vibrations.

The range includes:

  • Programmable fieldbus controllers
  • Fieldbus couplers
  • Digital and analogue inputs and outputs

In addition there is a range of communications, power supply and segment modules tailored for particular industries and applications such as marine, renewable energy, petrochemicals, rail and water.

Automation systems are increasingly being located in outdoor and remote locations where components are directly affected by widely fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions, for example wind turbines both on and offshore, or transformer stations. The XTR range provides comprehensive protection against harsh surroundings to ensure high system availability.

With up to 16 channels in a 12mm wide module housing, and no additional protective measures or external heating/cooling required, the system is highly suitable for situations and applications where cabinet or DIN-rail space is at a premium.

Capable of withstanding temperatures from -40C up to +70degC, the XTR range requires no air conditioning and has no moving parts, resulting in lower energy and maintenance costs, while reducing the risk of mechanical failure. It is also able to function at elevations of up to 5000m, making the range suitable even for high-altitude applications. Vibration protection of 5 'g' and shock protection up to 20 'g' defends the system against constant and sudden impacts, ensuring maximum uptime and security of investment.

The XTR is protected against electronic interference with isolation up to 5kV of impulse voltage, lower EMC emission of interference and higher insensitivity against EMC interference compared to conventional I/O systems.

WAGO's push-in cage clamp connections mean that wiring is quick and easy, and that connections remain secure and protected against disturbances, even in unshielded areas.

The controller supports all major protocols including:


WAGO says the XTR I/O system is scalable, enabling automation of individual machines through to entire systems. Additional modules are available tailored to specific industries, applications and requirements for maximum versatility and flexibility.

Follow the link for more information about the WAGO 750 XTR series modular I/O system.

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