Making the most of web visualisation and compact controllers

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Making the most of web visualisation and compact controllersPilz is promoting its PASvisu web-based visualisation software and PNOZmulti small controllers, describing them as 'the perfect team' when used together for machine automation.

Automation projects can be managed using the PASvisu web-based visualisation software for simple configuration and optimum visualisation. PASvisu provides operators with a comprehensive overview of the plant, both locally and via remote access.

Furthermore, the choice of diverse style sheets enables sophisticated visualisation to be achieved with ease (see below).

Thanks to a direct connection to the Pilz PNOZmulti small controllers, the full function range of the software is available with PASvisu version 1.4, including diagnostic capability. This means machine builders and system integrators can combine optimum machine visualisation with all the benefits on offer from the PNOZmulti compact controllers (see below).

Combined with a Pilz PMIvisu visualisation panel, the machine's automation team is complete. This HMI is equipped with a high-performance processor and the PASvisu visualisation software is pre-installed for convenience. The capacitive displays are available in two sizes: the PMI v507 has a 7-inch screen and the PMI v512 has a 12-inch screen.

Benefits of using PASvisu, PNOZmulti and PMIvisu include:

  • Simple, intuitive handling and maximum suitability for use
  • Fast, safe automation
  • Future-proof and platform-independent
  • Use of current web technologies: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Accelerated projects: from engineering and runtime to maintenance - Link between PNOZmulti and PASvisu projects enables shorter project times
  • Faster engineering, as variables do not need to be entered and assigned manually
  • Flexible application on a wide range of end devices
  • Reduced downtime thanks to remote access with true client/server functionality
  • Uniform look-and-feel thanks to project-wide design templates (CSS3 style sheets)
  • High-performance visualisation panels PMIvisu are pre-installed with PASvisu visualisation software

Follow the link for more information and to watch a short video about PASvisu web-based visualisation software.

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