PROVERTHA Custom Specific M12 T- and Y-Distributors now at Aerco

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PROVERTHA Custom Specific M12 T- and Y-Distributors now at AercoPROVERTHA Custom Specific M12 T- and Y-Distributors are now available from Aerco. In addition to its comprehensive standard product portfolio of M12 T and Y distributors, PROVERTHA offers custom-specific variants for the Profibus and CANbus. This offering, based on a modular concept of T and Y distributors, enables compact and secure options for fast connections to be realised quickly.

With the custom specific variants, PROVERTHA provides a lot of options. The distributors can be delivered with or without grounding clips, and if a protection degree of IP 67 is required, options include moulded distributors in robust and solid metal housings.

The M12 terminal can be very flexible: A Code (5 poles), B- Code and D- Code. In addition, the position (location and orientation) of the coding can be selected. This may be of great benefit when connecting angled M12 connectors. The M12 termination can be rigid or screwable. Depending on feasibility, the wiring is according to customer specifications.

With the custom specific variants PROVERTHA expands its standard program of T- and Y-distributors for Profibus and CANbus. The fully shielded Profibus M12 T- and Y-distributors with solid full metal housing and protection degree IP67 are designed for applications with special EMC requirements and challenging environments. Versions with two fixing holes (mounting hole 4.3mm) are available for wall mounting, while for direct connection to the Profibus/CANbus M12 interface, devices with a rotating M12 nut are a useful option.

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