New high-performance cable option for industrial accelerometers

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New high-performance cable option for industrial accelerometersHansford Sensors is releasing a new FEP cable option for its high-performance vibration sensors. The new cable and connector design meets the needs of several industries, but is specifically suited for the extreme demands of mining and heavy applications.

The new FEP cable features a protective conduit made from stainless steel, which is highly resistant to oil, rust and corrosion and well suited for withstanding the demands of harsh industrial environments without compromising performance. Highly flexible, this cable and conduit combination also offers impressive compression, impact and tensile strength. With notable resistance to abrasion and tearing, the FEP cable is able to withstand temperatures ranging from -80degC to 200degC.

Commenting on the new launch, Chris Hansford, Managing Director of Hansford Sensors says: “In developing this new premium design cable option for our vibration sensors, we’ve met the specialist requirements of machinery operating in even the most extreme of applications. The FEP cable with its protective conduit is available to order now and can be paired with several of our popular HS-100 and HS-150, top and side entry AC accelerometers.”

Available with both dual acceleration and temperature outputs, the FEP cable and protective conduit is suitable for a broad range of industries including building services, pulp and paper, mining, metals, utilities, automotive, water and pharmaceutical.

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