Cutmaster 60i plasma cutter offers high power-to-weight ratio

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Cutmaster 60i plasma cutter offers high power-to-weight ratioESAB Welding & Cutting Products is announcing the availability of its new Cutmaster 60i handheld air plasma cutting system. Cutmaster 60i is a 3-phase, 400V unit that weighs 16.8kg and provides a rated output of 7.6kW at 50 per cent duty cycle at 60A. It produces a recommended cut of 16mm, has a maximum sever thickness of 38mm, and provides the fastest cut speed at any thickness material for its class.

Michelle Chamberlain, Director – Global Manual Plasma Product Development, ESAB says: “We have designed the Cutmaster 60i so that it provides the industry’s highest power-to-weight ratio in its class. Users will immediately notice the over-sized, high-visibility LED display which communicates more information, more clearly, at a glance and from a distance. The display intuitively and instantly provides the necessary feedback to optimise parameter settings and cut quality. It also has a best-in-class ability to hold a longer arc, which especially helps when cutting in awkward positions and for ease-of-use when gouging. Overall, Cutmaster 60i produces the most empowering user experience around, no matter the application.”

Cutmaster 60i system includes the new SL60QD 1Torch, which offers a quick disconnect feature enabling selective replacement of either the torch handle assembly or torch leads at a lower cost than replacing both together, a necessity with one-piece torch/lead assemblies. As part of the time-tested 1Torch family with patented SureLok technology, wear parts are readily available. Cost of ownership is reduced by minimising the number of wear parts required in inventory, as well as the fewest number of wear parts to replace, facilitating quick changeover at a lower cost.

Gas optimiser technology

The gas optimiser technology helps ensure premium cut quality and performance by precisely regulating air pressure, yet it also allows users to manually adjust gas delivery pressure to their liking. When users set amperage, mode of operation, torch type, and add torch lengths to extend cutting reach by an additional 7.6, 15.2 or 22.9 m, the machine uses its colour display to provide recommended gas pressure settings, which ensures optimum cutting performance (see set-up tips video).

Chamberlain says: “Incorrect gas pressure is a common source of poor cutting performance, and the gas optimiser provides users with the guidance to overcome this issue.” Similarly, a parts end-of-life indicator on the front panel lets users know when it’s time to change consumables so that they can maintain productivity and quality of cut. The front panel also communicates other system information, such as failing to fully tighten the shield cup.

Chamberlain says: “We designed the Cutmaster 60i for users who work in the shop and in the field. The low amperage draw especially benefits small shops and garage users, as they might not have a large breaker like an industrial facility.” Typical users range from general manufacturing to mobile fabrication, farm/agricultural, construction, maintenance and repair, automotive bodies and frames, HVAC and training facilities.

Instead of a single handle or a roll cage, Cutmaster 60i boasts an integral four-handle design that makes it easier to lift the unit in and out of storage spaces and carry it around job sites. Passing extensive drop tests on multiple impact points, the handles also add protection, create a slimmer profile for easier storage and give users a way to wrap the work clamp and torch around the unit when moving it. The work cable now uses a standard 50mm OKC connection for fast set-up and removal. Similarly, the air filter and input power cable can be replaced via easy access on the back panel, simplifying and improving operations from a Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) perspective.

In addition to the Cutmaster 60i, the Series includes the Cutmaster 80, 100 and 120 and share common features. These include a tubular “roll bar” that protect the front and rear of the power supply for durability, as well as make the unit easier to carry. A trigger latch feature prevents hand fatigue during longer cuts, as it allows the operator to release the trigger while the system keeps cutting. Colour-coded LEDs on the front panel indicate pressure status and setup errors. The Auto Pilot Restart feature instantly reignites the pilot arc while cutting expanded metals such as grates and chain link fences. Each unit comes standard with the 1Torch (6.1 or 15.2 m cable options), but they also accept mechanised and automated torches. Primary power options are 50/60Hz, 400V, 3-ph CE unit.

Product highlights include the following:

  • The ESAB Cutmaster 80 features an 80-amp output, has a genuine cut of 25mm and severance cut of 38mm. It also weighs just 19.5kg.
  • The ESAB Cutmaster 100 features a 100-amp output, has a genuine cut of 35mm and severance cut of 45mm and weighs 28.1kg.
  • The ESAB Cutmaster 120 features a 120-amp output, has a genuine cut of 40mm and severance cut of 55mm and weighs 28.1kg.

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