Bearing heaters help to extend bearing life

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Bearing heaters help to extend bearing lifeTo ensure maximum service life of rolling bearings and steel parts, Schaeffler has developed a range of bearing heaters to facilitate the mounting of bearings onto shafts.

Schaeffler's FAG PowerTherm heaters for bearings and ring-shaped metal components ease mounting work, improve safety and avoid contamination during the heating of workpieces weighing up to 3000kg. The company also offers special induction heating devices for workpieces weighing more than 3000kg, which are matched to the individual customer's power requirements and dimensions.

Induction heating is superior to traditional methods, being faster, cleaner and suitable for batch heating. Mobile and fixed heaters and heater plates can be used to heat complete rolling bearings, rings of cylindrical roller or needle roller bearings and labyrinth rings, roll couplings and tyres.

Harmful temperature differences are prevented with uniform heating but non-metallic parts – and the device itself – remain cool. During the process, rolling bearing steels are automatically de-magnetised.

Maintenance costs are also kept to a minimum by using these heater devices. Due to their increased efficiency, the heaters can reduce heating times by up to 50 per cent. Also, as the systems do not require oil to operate, they have the added advantage of being both clean and environmentally friendly.

Heating large bearings

The latest induction heating system for large bearings is Schaeffler's HEATER3000 system. This is suitable for heating ring-shaped metal workpieces with bore diameters of 285mm over a maximum temperature of 400degC. Due to the high efficiency of the heater, the workpiece, which can weigh up to 3000kg, is heated rapidly. The heater system is an all-steel construction, coated with synthetic resin that is resistant to impact and corrosion.

A vertical ledge is lifted manually or by using a hoist; the bearing is then placed on the support rails and centred, before the vertical ledge is lowered and locked into place. The workpiece can also be pushed onto the horizontal ledge.

The control panel on the heater has clear symbols for different operating modes and can be operated using work gloves. The touch keyboard is oil-resistant, dustproof and waterproof. A basic version of the heater is offered with a magnetic temperature sensor, which can be used up to 240degC. Rated voltage and frequency are 400V and 50Hz, respectively.

Every FAG PowerTherm heater is supplied with a set of protective gloves and magnetic feelers and carries a three-year guarantee.

There are seven other induction-heating devices for mobile and/or fixed use for mounting work pieces up to 1200kg:

Heater 10 is a mobile device for heating small rolling bearings and other rotationally symmetric parts weighing up to 10kg that have a bore diameter of 15mm or more and is suitable for maintenance work on cars and electrical machines.

Heater 20 is for small rotationally symmetric parts and bearings weighing up to 20kg and having a bore diameter from 10mm upwards. The heater is a desktop device with a sturdy protective transport cover.

Heater 35 is used for professional mounting work in maintenance workshops and in the production sector. A ledge makes the device easier to operate and simplifies work. This heater is suitable for parts of up to 35kg and bore diameters from 15mm upwards.

Heater 150 is a fixed heating device with ledge for workpieces that can be positioned vertically or horizontally. Parts of up to 150kg and bore diameters of more than 20mm can be heated.

Heater 300 is suitable for very heavy workpieces in a horizontal or vertical position. This model heats parts of up to 300kg and with bore diameters from 30mm upwards. A separate trolley with a tray is available for transporting the heating device.

Heater 600 is a fixed heating device with ledge for workpieces that can be positioned vertically or horizontally. Parts of up to 600kg and bore diameters of more than 145mm can be heated.

Heater 1200 is suitable for very heavy workpieces in a horizontal or vertical position. This model heats parts of up to 1200kg with bore diameters from 215mm upwards.

For heating small rolling bearings and small machine elements such as sealing rings, the PowerTherm Heater.Plate is available. This device permits temperature adjustment from 50-200degC.

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