PLC offers significantly higher processing speed

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Hitachi says it is completely refining data processing speeds with the launch of its new EHV series programmable logic controller (PLC). The CPUs at the heart of the controller scan at 20ns per instruction, which is claimed to be 80 per cent faster than the current fastest units and many, many times faster than PLCs just a few years old.

The EHV series is available in a range of sizes and, being a modular system, up to 66 modules can be built up into a bespoke controller for any given application. The program memory capacity ranges from 96Kbyte to 768kbyte, with add-on modules effectively making this infinite.

Available in the UK through Silverteam Ltd, the EHV was developed in response to a widespread market demand for smaller, faster PLCs that are easy to develop and install. The backbone of the concept is four fully compatible CPUs that are all identical except the memory capacity (96, 192, 384 and 768 kbytes). These can be configured onto a standard backplane in any arrangement and used alongside the many specialist modules used to give each system its own capabilities.

A full set of communications interfaces is provide as standard (Ethernet, USB, serial, etc) and the display uses a simple yet extensive command structure so that programming is straightforward and intuitive.

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