Low backlash planetary gearboxes: compact and highly precise

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Low backlash planetary gearboxes: compact and highly preciseA new range of Framo Morat planetary gearboxes from R. A. Rodriguez are particularly suitable for applications which call for high positioning accuracy, rigidity, smoothness of running, low operating noise and effective torque transmission. Five types complete this new range; GSD flange gear, GSB inline, GSBL angle gear and two high economy lines – GSN and GFE. All feature precision-ground helical gearing, single-piece planetary carriers and full needle bearings.

The GSD, GSB and GSBL gearbox lines are constructed in a space-optimised, two-stage design. Due to lower torque values, the input stage of the GSD is dimensionally smaller than the output stage, making it suitable for applications where space is limited. Its low standard backlash also makes it useful for highly dynamic applications where high position and speed accuracy are paramount considerations.

The flange outputs of the GSD gearboxes produce highest torsional rigidity and for the accommodation of particularly high axial loads, models with diameters of 90mm and more can be specified with taper roller bearings.

Low backlash and high precision are combined in the GSB series. Its robust, one-piece housing allows for high gearbox rigidity and the absorption of high radial and axial loads. These performance advantages can also be found in the GSBL angular gearbox line. The right-angle shape of this type also makes it a good choice for dynamic, space-restricted applications.

High performance and economic efficiency are found in the high-end economy GSN and GFE series. In common with all models in this new range, their helical ground gears ensure minimum noise and smooth running and the specially designed full needle bearings reach high torques that exceed the capacity of competitor products of the same size.

All planetary carriers are manufactured as a cage and machined from solid. This enhances the gearboxes’ quiet operation while at the same time improving positioning accuracy and reducing backlash. On all series, an additional shaft sealing ring ensures protection against dust and splash water in accordance with protection class IP65.

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