Intelligent welding controller has Compact Flash memory

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Intelligent welding controller has Compact Flash memoryESAB's Aristo Mig 4000i and 5000i series of digital power sources can be operated in combination with a variety of control panels, including the Aristo U8, which is described as the most intelligent control unit available. It now features more memory positions, new synergic lines and new functions.

The number of welding parameter memory positions has been increased from 99 to 255, allowing the storage of more settings for different applications. In addition, the Aristo U8 is now prepared for a Compact Flash memory card that the operator can use to transfer settings from one controller to the other or for downloading onto a PC for sharing with other Aristo users via email.

Quality data automatically monitored by the system for each weld (arc time, minimum and maximum current, voltage and power) can be stored on the Compact Flash memory and used as quality documentation for the welded objects.

A file manager system allows the operator to manage the files and folders and to organise the data in a structured way.

Negative hot start is a new function that reduces post-weld labour in the circumferential welding of tubes. It deposits less weld metal during the start, resulting in an even weld all around the tube, and is also an advantage when starting on tack welds.

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