Laser distance sensor measures to almost any surface

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With its laser transmitter and advanced CMOS receiver, the new DT20 Hi analogue distance sensor from Sick (UK) Ltd masters almost all surfaces – from white to black, matt or glossy – with extremely high immunity to different ambient light conditions. Engineers and designers benefit by spending less time commissioning the system due to its tolerance of different surface types and lighting conditions.

Suitable for distance measurement applications where the ultra-high precision of an OD sensor is not necessary, the DT20 Hi is available in three versions, 50-150mm, 100-300mm and 100-600mm. It offers accuracy up to +/-0.5mm, reproducibility up to +/-0.2mm and a resolution of less than 0.1mm, all thanks to its superior CMOS technology and class II laser. It also includes scaleable analogue and switching outputs.

A clear LCD display shows the distance to the target in mm as well as providing access to a user-friendly set-up menu including all the necessary information for the sensor's easy-to-use teach function. A new type of plug concept allows the sensor's connector to be rotated through any angle up to 90 degrees, and a robust metal housing protects the sensor from mechanical damage and adverse environmental conditions.

Useful for numerous installations requiring distance measurement, the DT20 Hi can be applied in applications requiring a method of accurately determining the distance to an object irrespective of surface structure. This can include measuring the diameter of coils of paper or metal, the classification and sorting of components based on their size, and quality inspection operations such as those measuring flatness of paper or metal products. Larger-scale applications range from the accurate positioning of gantry units to the automatic laying of flooring and tiles.

The precision and user-friendly operation of the DT20 Hi will open up further new areas of use as it slots neatly into Sick's extensive sensor portfolio that covers distance measurement ranges from microns to kilometres.

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