SecurityBridge prevents unauthorised access to safety systems

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SecurityBridge prevents unauthorised access to safety systemsIf people, machinery and industrial processes are intelligently linked, these networks are also more susceptible to attack. The Pilz SecurityBridge protects PNOZmulti compact, configurable safe controllers and PSS 4000 automation systems from network-based attacks and unauthorised access. Plant and machinery are not only made safe, but also secure, which ensures the safety of employees and increases the availability of the machinery.

Safety needs to ensure protection for humans and machinery, while also providing for the necessary flexibility and availability in smart factories. This requires a holistic approach in terms of safety and security, which can be supported through hardware such as the Pilz SecurityBridge.

With SecurityBridge, Pilz is expanding its product range to include the area of Industrial Security. The Pilz SecurityBridge protects the connections between the programming/configuration tools and the hardware controllers from manipulation by, for example, detecting unauthorised changes to the automation project. The SecurityBridge acts as a firewall; however, unlike generic firewalls, it does not need complex configuration. Thanks to application-specific default settings, the SecurityBridge is easy to commission using the plug-and-play principle.

As well as benefiting from the security aspect, users also enjoy higher plant availability because only the data that is necessary (authorised configuration and process data) is transmitted.

Secure by design

Pilz will also develop future products from the perspective of security, within a TUV-certified process in accordance with IEC 62443-4-1 (Security for industrial automation and control systems - Part 4-1: Secure product development lifecycle requirements). Aspects such as threat scenarios, strengths and weaknesses of protocols, or encryption methods are taken into consideration from the outset. The following is true in networked plants: without security, machinery safety can also no longer be ensured.

The same applies for both security and safety: to ensure that technical measures can work, these must be accompanied by organisational measures such as handling instructions, procedures and training. The Pilz Academy therefore offers training courses on industrial security.

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