ESAB Rebel 3-phase welders: power, performance and mobility

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ESAB Rebel 3-phase welders: power, performance and mobilityESAB Welding & Cutting Products have unveiled their Rebel EMP 255ic and Rebel EMP 320ic multi-process welders for MIG/MAG, DC MMA and TIG welding. Both units weigh 31.4kg and use 400V +-10 per cent 3-phase supply voltage. Rebel EMP 320ic provides a rated output of 320A/30V at 40 per cent duty cycle and maximum output of 350A/34V, making it more than capable of running both solid and flux cored wires in heavy industrial applications. Rebel EMP 255ic provides a rated output of 255A/26.8V at 40 per cent duty cycle and maximum output of 300A/34V, well suited for industrial applications requiring 1.0 to 1.2mm wires.

Martin Freibergs, Business Product Manager Industrial/Light Industrial Product Systems, ESAB says: “These Rebels are the most industrial Rebels yet. Their strong output enables users to gain the productivity benefits of spray arc welding with a wide array of wires on mild steel, stainless steel and even aluminum. With a four-wheel roll system and a top wire speed of 20.3 m/min combined with great torque, they can ensure accurate and consistent feeding of wires of all diameters.”

In addition to its excellent MIG/MAG capabilities, these multi-process Rebels also handle full MMA performance with electrodes up to 5mm diameter, as well as gas-cooled TIG applications with a dedicated gas valve for professional TIG welding using Lift TIG starts.

Freibergs says: “Traditional welders with similar outputs are typically single-process MIG machines. They often fall short when it comes to power and long welding cycles. Rebel EMP 320ic offers fabricators a machine with true industrial performance for shop work and the power, portability and multi-process flexibility contractors need for structural steel erection.”

Full featured welders

Rebel EMP 255ic and Rebel EMP 320ic maintain the benefits of other Rebel EMP welders, including the colour TFT-LCD display.

Freibergs says: “The multi-lingual user interface provides a graphical and intuitive way of selecting processes and setting parameters.” Also part of Rebel DNA is ESAB’s sMIG (“smart MIG”) technology for quick and easy results when short circuit MIG welding. The sMIG function monitors the operator’s technique and continuously adapts to provide a stable arc and superior, repeatable welds.

Freibergs says: “You can actually hear sMIG fine tune the arc after a few seconds of welding, dialling in that perfect ‘sizzling bacon’ sound that signifies proper welding parameters. This technology reduces downtime when changing parameters, helps train new operators and can improve consistency between welding stations.”

Rebel design is compact with a small footprint, and the machine can hold both 200 and 300mm bobbins. Both units use the same tough case that measures 686 × 292 × 495, allows users to bring the powerful Rebel to the jobsite, manoeuvre it around a workshop using the customised 2-wheeled trolley or keep it on the work bench, providing unmatched flexibility for shop and field work.

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