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Product developers looking to add support for CompoNet for their products can now obtain dedicated developer toolkits directly from ODVA. The first toolkit to be released includes the hardware and software needed to get started in the process of building CompoNet slaves and repeaters.

Complementary to the entire family of CIP Networks, CompoNet has been designed to meet the requirements of applications using large numbers of simple sensors and actuators by providing high-speed communications, configuration tool, efficient construction, simple set-up and high availability - all on a single network.

ODVA Executive Director Katherine Voss comments: "One of ODVA's key missions is to facilitate vendor adoption of ODVA technologies. By providing this developer toolkit, ODVA is aiding vendors in starting CompoNet product development."

The hardware delivered as standard in the toolkit includes slave/repeater ASICs, transformers and receivers. Cable and accessories are also provided, including connectors, terminators and a connector assembly tool. The hardware is available for both IP20 and IP54 environments.

Included within the toolkit's software components are sample code for slaves/repeaters, while the comprehensive documentation provides a full description of the sample source code, a sample circuit diagram for slaves, and a guide for hardware design.

Created by Omron

Omron Corporation, one of the five principal members of ODVA, has assembled the CompoNet developer toolkits to reduce the time and investment required by automation companies beginning development of CompoNet products. A leading company in the field of industrial automation, Omron shares ODVA's philosophy of open communications networks. Tianbing Li, Network Consultant at Omron and chair of ODVA's CompoNet Special Interest Group, comments: "Omron is committed to meeting user needs for integrated systems. These integrated systems extend from the field devices on the plant floor up to the highest levels of the enterprise. They depend on seamless connectivity between different network layers, and networks built on CIP provide this. Omron is proud to be playing a prominent role facilitating vendor development of products for CIP Networks such as CompoNet."

The new CompoNet developer toolkits can be ordered direct from ODVA by visiting and clicking 'Order'. The CompoNet Specification can be ordered by visiting the same website. ODVA will also be running a training session on the new toolkit at its 2007 CIP Networks Conference and 12th Annual Meeting from 18-20 September 2007 in Englewood, Colorado, USA. Delegates can register in advance at the ODVA website or email for additional conference information.

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