Intelligent control of remote pumping stations

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Intelligent control of remote pumping stationsPumpControl from Phoenix Contact is an intelligent automation system for pumping stations with remote connection. The ready-to-install control cabinet offering performs all control and regulation tasks for distributed pumping stations. The system can communicate with the control centre via the mobile network. The OPC communication protocol supports easy integration in the control system, enabling the pumping station processes to be monitored remotely. The visualisation allows on-site operating personnel to quickly identify possible error messages.

Wastewater pumping stations play an important role in reliable wastewater disposal. When it comes to planning these types of structures, the focus is on durability and operational safety, as well as the energy-efficient operation of the remote structure. The challenge when operating these types of systems is finding a way to operate the individual pumps in the wastewater pumping stations as energy efficiently as possible. Furthermore, downtimes need to be minimised through continuous monitoring.

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