RARUK Automation introduces new-generation Universal Robots

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RARUK Automation introduces new-generation Universal RobotsRARUK Automation says it has never been easier to create supremely safe, off-the-shelf, tailored collaborative robot systems that boost productivity, irrespective of company size, the nature of its products or production volume. This breakthrough is thanks to new UR e-Series cobots whose features enable RARUK Automation to provide highly cost-effective systems - often in combination with other automation products - that promise long-term productivity gains.

The new UR e-Series comprises three models with payloads ranging from 3kg to 10kg and reach radii of 500mm to 1300mm. They all provide significant user benefits and the first is quick and highly flexible deployment. These cobots are lightweight, compact and easily applied to multiple tasks without changing production layouts.

No special electrical installation is required; the robot runs off single-phase mains power. It also comes as standard with 32 industrial I/O connectors and Ethernet connectivity. Unpacking, installing and programming the UR e-Series for its first task typically takes an hour.

Cobots can be moved between applications quickly and are able to re-use programmes for recurrent tasks, giving customers the flexibility to automate multiple manual tasks within the production facility with just one cobot. This quality is complemented by a wide and growing range of UR+ installation-ready end effectors, vision systems, accessories and associated software to meet diverse configuration and application needs.

Easier programming

UR is already well known for intuitive and user-friendly programming but in the UR e-Series, this simplicity reaches a new level. The patented 3D-interface is said to enable anyone to become a robot programmer without previous experience. A button located on the teach pendant enables the operator to programme a robot by hand-guiding its arm to the desired position, or simply by using the drag-and-drop functions on a touchscreen tablet.

Even the most complex tasks, where accuracy is of paramount importance, can be taught with the new, in-built UR Integrated Force Torque Sensor.

The UR e-Series makes robotic automation a viable option for SMEs with small batch production as well volume manufacturers wishing to inrease flexibility. The technology eliminates the added costs traditionally associated with robot programming and set-up, as well as safety guarding.

Cobot safety

Naturally the UR e-Series meets the very latest ISO safety standards. Patented safety features enable customers to fuse human ingenuity with robot competency for accelerated productivity and growth. All models have 17 safety functions that include customisable stop time and stop distance limits to ensure safe operation when the cobot works hand-in-hand with operators.

Certified by TUV Nord, these functions comply with the EN ISO 13849-1, Cat 3, PLd, and EN ISO 10218-1 for unobstructed human-robot collaboration.

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