Grippers are easy to integrate in cobot applications

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Grippers are easy to integrate in cobot applicationsManufacturers of all sizes across all production sectors can benefit from RARUK Automation technology. The company has steadfastly built its product programme to provide off-the-shelf, tailored automation systems and two new additions to its collaborative robotics range will enhance this ability. Both are innovative plug-and-play grippers for seamless integration with RARUK Automation’s range of Universal Robots.

The first is Purple Robotics PR10 electrical vacuum gripper (pictured). It is an end-of-arm device with dual grip functionality from two individual vacuum channels. The PR10 comes with the QC10 collaborative quick changer – described as the world’s easiest, smallest and lightest – and a variety of suction cups. It works straight out of box, supports simple 24V I/O and MODBUS RTU RS485 and is typically in production in less than 30 minutes.

Unlike traditional vacuum grippers, the PR10 requires no external air supply so there are no cumbersome hoses or cabling to manage. Its adjustable arms and replacement suction cups allow workpieces of different shapes and sizes to be handled with ease; 10mm to 500mm diameter with a payload up to 10kg. With round, smooth edges the gripper is designed for safe collaborative working and is suitable for a wide range of applications including pick-and-place, machine tending and palletising.

The second gripper is the Robotiq Hand-E, a product specifically designed to work with the new Universal Robot e-Series collaborative robot from RARUK Automation. The high accuracy and 50mm parallel stroke of the new Robotiq Hand-E makes it suitable for precision assembly tasks, while its sealed design ensures reliability in the toughest of manufacturing conditions. Its compact and ergonomic shape makes collaborative robot hand-guiding safe and easy.

Robotiq Hand-E comes with a 3-fingertip kit so manufacturers can easily integrate the gripper in their application; it connects directly to the UR e-Series wrist. This new addition operates with the same intuitive programming software as other Robotiq grippers available from RARUK Automation which enables full control over the gripper’s position, force and speed. A new grip check feature allows the robot to validate its grip with the part’s dimensions before starting the cycle.

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