Nexperia expands NextPower Live linear-mode MOSFET family

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Nexperia expands NextPower Live linear-mode MOSFET familyNexperia is launching an addition to its NextPower Live linear-mode MOSFET family; the PSMN3R7-100BSE delivers a best-in-class combination of strong Safe Operating Area (SOA) and low RDS(on), and is well suited for hot-swap, soft-start and e-fuse applications. In order to manage the high in-rush current that can occur when swapping a server board or other pluggable system, or to ensure that a processor board is brought up smoothly, a MOSFET with high SOA is used in conjunction with a hot swap controller. Previous generation parts have traded off SOA against RDS(on), whereas the new technology maximizes SOA without affecting RDS(on), thereby maintaining high operating efficiency levels.

Nexperia’s new PSMN3R7-100BSE MOSFETs improve SOA with a four-fold improvement in linear mode performance compared with standard technology, yet have a maximum RDS(on) of only 3.95mOhm (3.36mOhm typ.) – around 18 per cent less than previous devices. These N-channel 100V devices are available in the D2PAK package, qualified to 175 OC. Devices are fully compatible with hot-swap controllers from all leading manufacturers

Mike Becker, Nexperia’s product manager comments: “Server and communications infrastructure companies are packing more and more processing power onto their blades and rack-based systems, continually pushing up power requirements. Reliable hot-swap operation is essential to manage the in-rush currents experienced during start-up, but as power levels rise and efficiency requirements increase, then low RDS(on) is also becoming more important . NextPower Live MOSFETs from Nexperia, deliver benchmark combination of strong SOA and low RDS(on), allowing engineers to design ultra-rugged hot-swap solutions to manage the in-rush currents, whilst lower RDS(on) delivers the highest level of efficiency.”

Follow the link for more information, product specs and datasheet for the PSMN3R7-100BSE NextPower Live linear-mode MOSFET.

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