High-strength double-sided foam bonding tape cuts assembly costs

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Lohmann Technologies has recently introduced its DuploCOLL G range of component bonding tapes. The company states that they have been developed specifically for applications requiring a combination of high bond strength together with reduced production time cycles. The double-sided PE foam bonding tape is said to offer exceptional resistance to weathering, extreme temperature variations and high moisture content without loss of adhesion, and Lohmann has test results available that illustrate the precise parameters achievable with the new range.

Using a unique combination of Lohmann-developed activators and pure acrylic adhesives, initial trials reveal that the DuploCOLL G range has proved well suited for one of the key target markets for which it was initially conceived: the bonding of components direct to glass surfaces. With a compressible backing made of PE foam, the new range of tapes also provides design and production teams with valuable tolerance compensation properties.

In developing the adhesive formula for the DuploCOLL G Range of tapes, Lohmann engineers haven’t just brought to market new products that provide designers with a dependable and durable bond: they have also delivered something that volume producers value highly – significant cost-reduction opportunities. The introduction of the DuploCOLL G Range, with its unique chemical formulation, now allows production engineering teams to do away with the need to use primers prior to applying the bonding tape and this is stated to bring a raft of advantages. Key amongst these, Lohmann points out, is that by completely removing the need to use primers, production speed is increased, workflow is made easier, inventory can be reduced accordingly and a better working environment is provided for staff through the removal of previously used chemical agents on the shop floor.

Lohmann’s Jeremy Parfitt, Segment Sales Manager Automotive, comments: “With the DuploCOLL G range, Lohmann has once again proven a good instinct for future trends. Industry moves have been towards ever larger glass surfaces, often with more and more attachments that have to be applied directly onto them. So, the company had to find a new solution to meet these expanding demands, especially in the automobile industry. Until now, to achieve permanent and resistant bonding, the glass surface has had to be pre-treated with an activator in an additional work step. We have now solved this problem by introducing the new DuploCOLL G range. It saves time and money, while ensuring a decisive boost in efficiency for the customer.”

As with most Lohmann structural bonding tapes, DuploCOLL G is available in a variety of thicknesses and its construction provides a valuable tolerance compensating facility as well as a strong bond. All tapes in the DuploCOLL G range are available as precision die-cuts to customer designs and the material provides useful flexibility on the production line, with an initial tack time of 30 minutes followed by full material performance in less than 24 hours. The tape is approved for use in temperatures ranging from -40degC to +90degC.

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08 October 2018

Lohmann Technologies (UK) Ltdvisit website
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