Latest laser area scanners for static and AGV applications

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Latest laser area scanners for static and AGV applicationsLeuze electronic's latest RSL 400 laser area scanners come with two important options: PROFIsafe for easier connection to Profinet networks, and a navigation option for use with AGVs to avoid the need for separate scanners for safety and navigation functions. Both types benefit from a high angular resolution of 0.1deg, which helps to avoid false trips caused by dust and other particles in the air.

RSL 400 PROFIsafe

The RSL 400 PROFIsafe with Profinet interface offers easier integration into industrial networks and machine control systems. In addition to secure communication, the Profinet interface enables easy diagnostics and configuration via central access points. The Profinet switch is integrated into the removable connection unit, which enables the scanner head to be replaced without interrupting the network, thereby increasing system availability. The connection unit benefits from industry-standard M12 connectors that are far more robust than the RJ45 connectors usually used for Ethernet networks.

Another feature of the RSL 400 is the lateral cable entry that means the scanner can be installed very low to the ground if need be. Alternatively, AIDA-compliant connection models are available with push–pull connectors for copper and fiber-optic cables.

An integrated two-port Ethernet switch supports Profinet Conformance Class C and Isochronous Real Time communication (IRT). Consequently, the RSL 400 is particularly suitable for use in line and ring topologies, as well as star topologies. Furthermore, it allows parallel access of standard and safety PLCs, whereby the data load can be minimised through the safety PLC.

Navigation option

Leuze electronic says it is setting new standards in the reliable navigation of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) with the introduction of its RSL 400 safety laser scanner with measurement value output.

The new RSL 400 safety laser scanner with detailed measurement value output for AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) navigation is the result of many years of experience in the development of safety technologies. This compact device is a safe area scanner that combines safety technology and qualitatively superior measurement value output in a single device. This enables reliable safeguarding and navigation of AGVs.

Measurement value output is optimised for use in conjunction with navigation software that functions according to the principle of natural navigation with SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). Due to its high angular resolution of 0.1 degrees, the RSL 400 offers extremely detailed scanning of the environment across the entire measurement range of up to 50m. This is achieved through a particularly narrow laser spot that maintains its perpendicular shape over the entire scanning angle. The distance values have a high accuracy and are not influenced by the reflectance of the object. The additional output of the received signal strength value for each beam enables autonomous detection of reflectors by the navigation software. When beams strike a reflector, the values differ greatly from any other environment, which makes simple and reliable detection possible.

With up to 100 switchable field pairs, the RSL 400 offers optimum adaptation of the protective fields – even in cases where there are many different movement and loading conditions. Parallel monitoring of multiple protective fields enables safe and reliable reduction of the speed of AGVs. These new functions are also available as a device model with a Profinet/PROFIsafe interface, thereby making integration extremely easy.

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