Non-metallic grease metering device and complementary pump

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Non-metallic grease metering device and complementary pumpSKF is announcing two additions to the company’s comprehensive range of automated lubrication products. SKF’s Series 310 lubricant metering device is made of high-performance PA66 resin and is the industry’s first ever non-metallic metering device. In addition, it makes use of colour-coded dosing elements for easy identification of metering amounts for a wide variety of lubrication requirements. Lightweight and simple to install, the Series 310 can be mounted in either an upright or inverted position, and provides proven SKF reliability for a minimum of 400,000 lubrication cycles. It is compatible with all single-line lubrication pumps, and is suitable for indoor use on small to medium sized machinery in a wide range of applications.

Another addition to SKF’s lubrication range is a new version of the company’s Electric Compact Pump (ECP). Originally introduced in 2016, the ECP is now available with plastic reservoirs to make refilling even easier than before.

The ECP is designed to pump oil or liquid grease to up to 20 lubrication points. It has a main line length of 15m and includes an integrated pressure release valve, enabling it to be used alongside SKF single-line lubrication systems. The ECP is available with three different sized plastic reservoirs and is equipped with standard filters, or with prefilled lubricant cartridges. These easy-to-swap cartridges are available with an optional integrated level switch to monitor fill level.

Compatible with all oil and semi fluid SKF single-line lubrication systems, these two innovative lubrication devices are cost-effective, simple to install and operate, and they set new standards in design and flexibility. Well suited to industries such as the machine tool, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage sectors, the Series 310 and ECP both help to reduce leakage and contamination from over-lubrication.

In a design capacity, access to 2D and 3D files are also available via the SKF website, to assist in the design and proving phase of any project. Access can be gained through a simple sign up process. To find out more visit SKF’s website at

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