User-friendly AirPro X4000 torch for carbon arc gouging

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User-friendly AirPro X4000 torch for carbon arc gougingArcair, an ESAB brand, introduced the AirPro X4000 torch and cable for manual carbon arc gouging, a process synonymous with the Arcair name, at EuroBLECH 2018.

Where previous torch models required 12kg of grip pressure to open the torch, the AirPro X4000 uses the compressed air already flowing through the torch. When the operator pushes a rocker switch, the AirPro X4000 torch pneumatically opens the torch jaws so operators can insert, adjust and remove carbons without effort. As an added benefit, elimination of a lever assembly creates a lower profile torch for improved access.

The rocker switch also controls the compressed air on/off function so that no air flows through the torch or cable without the operator initiating flow through the rocker switch. A latch mechanism locks air flow on when in use to reduce hand fatigue. A new “no leak” air valve saves electricity and the maintenance costs of maintaining the shop air compressor.

The AirPro X4000 torch and cable are rated for use with 1000 Amp systems. The torch accepts 4.8–12.7mm (3/16–1/2 in.) pointed round carbons, 9.5–15.9mm (3/8–5/8 in.) flat carbons and 15.9mm (5/8 in.) half round carbons.

For operators that prefer a traditional torch, Arcair will continue to offer all of its existing models, including the best-selling Arcair Professional Angle-Arc K4000 torch. For more information about this and the AirPro X4000 torch and cable, visit

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