Wire feeders help deliver improved welding characteristics

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Wire feeders help deliver improved welding characteristicsESAB now has three wire feeders in its extensive range of products for use with step-controlled welding power sources: the Origo Feed 302, Origo Feed 304 and Origo Feed 484. All three are ruggedly constructed, with galvanised steel housings to cope with harsh industrial environments. In addition, electronic controls and grooved-wheel feed mechanisms give superior welding characteristics.

A choice of feed roller diameters means that the units can be used with welding wires up to 1.2, 1.6 or 2.4mm diameter. While the smallest rollers are installed in a two-wheel configuration, the two larger rollers are in four-wheel configurations.

The Origo Feed 302 is fitted with the M11 control panel and the Origo Feed 304 and 484 have the M12 panel. Both panels give users access to settings for feed speed, 2/4 stroke, creep start and burn-back timer. Furthermore, inching/purge gas is offered as an option on both.

Another benefit of these new wire feeders is the ESAB LogicPump (ELP). When the feeders are used with a water-cooled gun, the ELP automatically starts the water pump to prevent overheating of the gun - which might otherwise lead to costly repairs being required.

Flexible mounting options mean that the feeders can be used for a wide variety of Mig welding applications; they can be mounted on a mast with a counterbalance, on wheels or on a hanging bracket.

The feeders can also be connected to ESAB's Miggytrac and Railtrac kits through a remote outlet, enabling them to be used for simple mechanised welding.

To help keep the cost of ownership as low as possible, ESAB has designed the new Origo Feed units to be easy and quick to maintain. For example, a single device is used to adjust the feeding pressure, and the feeding mechanism is readily accessible so that wear parts can be exchanged. Customers can purchase adapters to allow wire spools of 440mm diameter to be used, or the feeders can be used with ESAB's Marathon Pac bulk cable drums. Quick-connect cables also help to reduce the time spent preparing for welding.

Interconnection cables are available in lengths ranging from 1.7-35m. Other options include a steel spool cover, a strain relief for the welding torch, a lifting eye and an adapter for 5kg spools.

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