Redundant controller connections for Profinet devices

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Redundant controller connections for Profinet devicesWith the release of software version V1.6 of the TPS-1 Profinet single-chip device, Phoenix Contact provides the possibility to connect a Profinet device redundantly with two controllers (Primary and Backup).

This new possibility does not require changes of hardware or the application software for existing devices. Only the Profinet stack V1.6 has to be uploaded to the single-chip. A redundant controller system is then able to use, depending on requirements, the input or output data of the device. Apart from the redundancy topic, the TPS-1 with the new software version can be used for the 2.35 Profinet standard without restrictions.

Regarding availability of systems and processes, redundancy is an important demand in the field of process automation. For this application, a corresponding action has been defined in Profinet (Profinet System Redundancy) in order to create a uniform concept for the redundancy of different manufacturers.

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