Non-contact voltage detector for industrial applications

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Non-contact voltage detector for industrial applicationsFlir Systems is announcing the new FLIR VP42, a non-contact voltage detector with a built-in flashlight designed for field-troubleshooting and verification of industrial electrical installations (it can also be used in commercial and residential premises). The Flir VP42 makes it easy to quickly troubleshoot live and neutral wiring to ensure a safe job site.

With its built-in flashlight and CAT IV safety rating, the Flir VP42 is a must-have for preliminary job site checks for live wiring. The durable, pen-sized tester quickly identifies the presence of AC voltage without contacting wires, even in the latest safety outlets. The Flir VP42 simplifies wire identification by sorting and tracing neutral and live wires in sockets and junction boxes.

Inspired by today’s smartphones, the Flir VP42 uses both multi-coloured LEDs and vibration to alert users of live voltage, ensuring inspectors do not miss these notifications in loud or dark locations. The durable tester is built for longevity, with an anti-roll case body and rugged construction that can withstand a 3m (9.8-feet) drop onto concrete. Every Flir VP42 comes with a 3-year warranty.

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